"How much will my visit cost?"  "Does my insurance cover my visit?"
These are two of the most common questions that we hear regarding care.  At Joint Effort Chiropractic, we have eliminated the costly overhead involving insurance claims.  This allows us to provide a more simplified fee schedule at or below most insurance co-pays and deductibles with the same outstanding service.
New Patient Exam: includes consultation, exam, and treatment
Drop In Rate: 1 treatment
Membership: includes 4 chiropractic adjustments per month

Premium Membership:  includes 4 chiropractic adjustments, myofascial/IASTM treatments, and kinesiotaping. 

Family Membership: 2 or more family members to qualify.
Each additional family member is discounted $10 dollars from Ind. Member rate.
example: 1st member: $110
                 2nd member: $100
                 3rd member: $90
 Pedatric Exam: includes consultation, exam, and treatment
 Pediatric Visit: 1 treatment

Add ons: includes myofascial/IASTM treatment, flexion/distraction treatment for disc conditions and scoliosis, and Kinesiotaping.
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