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(DE)-Evolution of Man

Hello again friends and followers,
I would like to spend some time today talking about our current state of affairs as a species.
As a young student I always found the idea of evolution fascinating.  The thought that dinosaurs are the genetic ancestor of our modern birds, and that we share a very close genetic relationship with chimpanzees just blows me away. Thousands of years of survival have molded us into the beings that we are today!
Over the course of time, animals adapt to their surroundings, making the species better able to survive its environment.  The adaptations can take many forms; changes in shape, color, behavior.  Think of animals that have developed camouflage like the polar bears of the arctic, or animals that have developed defense mechanisms like a porcupine's quills.  Humans have developed these tricks too; we just don't think about them that often.  Skin tone is an adaptation based on the region you live.  Sickle Cell Anemia is thought to be and adaptation to protect those in areas where malaria is particularly bad.
But... what happens if a species starts surviving in spite of its lack of adaptation? What happens if our health industry gets so good at saving us from ourselves, that we begin to neglect the most basic tenants of our survival?
I will get to my point.  Humans are so smart, that we are causing our own health problems.  We have so much technology and health care advancements, that we are no longer promoting a stronger, fitter species. 
Examples:  Conditions such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, and cardiovascular disease are on the rise.  We have bad backs and necks in large part due to our constant slumped sitting posture.  (sofa, car, desk, etc.)
Our cavemen ancestors were hunters and gatherers.  There was very little sitting.  They were upright.  Their jobs required movement, climbing, reaching, walking, and running.  As a result, they had toned back and core musculature.  (No gym membership required.)
Cavemen would be blown away by the idea of going on a diet.  Food was scarce and the foods that they ate did not make them fat.  They ate animal protein and fat, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts.  They did not eat sugar, grain, and dairy. 
When I bring up these points, usually someone says, "Well why do we have a longer life span than they did if they were so healthy?"  My answer to that is:  They died of the hardships that came with their lack of sanitation and shelter.  They did not die of diabetes, obesity, cancer and cardiovascular disease. 
Look around at the animals of today.  Wild animals do not die of these conditions either.  They are always moving, and they eat what they are genetically designed to.  Our domesticated animals on the other hand are dying of our diseases, because we are feeding them our "food,"  and they are on the couch with us! 
I like to use the words we and us, because I include myself in a population that is behaving with disregard for our well being. 
Let's stop the devolution of our species.  Let's get fit and take care of our bodies.  
I chose to write this blog after a few days of self-reflection.  I am choosing to make a change for the better today.
Who's with me?
Dr. Eric Fierro, D.C.   

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